About Pastors In Pain

There is a huge number of pastors and leaders leaving the ministry each year. This exodus results often from some form of forced termination.

This site addresses this problem and poses solutions to an issue that is having a huge impact on the church and its leadership.

It is time that the body of Christ makes a concerted effort to reach out to injured and hurting ministers who have given their best for our Savior. Too many ministers that leave a ministry simply disappear, are forgotten and live in loneliness. Doesn’t this sound contrary to our great God – and the fact that He lives within His people. These injured men and women of God deserve our best efforts in searching them out, restoring their dignity and showing God’s love for their lives.

To bring healing and renewal to one shepherd may have a domino effect upon an entire congregation. Pastors are honorable gifts placed in our lives for the benefit of the Kingdom of God . We need each and every one of them. Helping shepherds get back on the road to recovery is one of the best and fastest means to bring revival in our world.

Do you know of pastors who have been forced from their ministry and are floundering in life? Reach out to them. Join with us in seeking the lost shepherds who have so much to offer. And we will demonstrate to Christians and society that we do not discard people – we practice love, acceptance and forgiveness. We function in His love that conquers all.

Contact us about hurting leaders and we will reach out to them. Or better yet, ask them to email us at dignity@PastorsInPain.com. Their privacy will be maintained.

Representatives of Pastors In Pain are available for speaking engagements in local churches, conferences and retreats. Contact us at email address above or by phone at 619-818-2901.