Job Resources

Coming out of full time ministry into secular work can be emotionally traumatizing as well as very frustrating.  After a forced termination, a pastor is depleted and unprepared to take on an involvement with a new job.  Yet, the unbroken flood of financial needs keep pouring in.  Added to this is the awareness that you don’t know how to go about finding gainful employment.  Your years of education, training and experience may seem to be useless as you turn your attention to work in the outside  world – even if only for a season of tent making.  Your view of self and a need to fulfill your “calling” can be obstacles that prevent a whole-hearted effort in seeking a new income potential.  I am well aware of these pains as I was a pastor for 30 years and suddenly found myself without a ministry or an income.

For a season I was employed for a Professional Career Management, Marketing and Consulting firm and was able to glean many helpful insights into finding employment.  There are many things you can do to make yourself more valuable and presentable in the marketplace.  And, there are methods that are more successful than others at obtaining employment.

Finding a new job is a job itself.  Treat it this way.  You will have to use new skills.  If viewed in a positive way, it is a growth experience that you be able to use in your future ministry.  One of the most difficult challenges in job seeking is dealing with rejection.  Everyone is rejected many times until they are accepted.  This is normal and to be expected.  Prayer and persistence are the keys to finding the open door of the Lord.

There are several stages in job searching that you need to explore.

  • Where do you find the jobs?
  • Self Assessment
  • Developing a clear and functional resume
  • Developing marketing brochures
  • Researching your career path
  • Using your network with Advice meetings
  • Negotiating your job package
  • Employment Websites