Joseph’s Pit

Joseph’s Pit is the place in life where the process of dramatic change is incubated by God and transforms a person into a powerful individual that can be radically used by the Lord.

We resist change and fight it with all of our might.  Yet, God uses it to set us on pathways we would never imagine.  Our diligent pursuit of our Maker is too often sidetracked by our surroundings, circumstances and shortcomings.  We can become mired in religion even with our most valiant and noble efforts to be deeply spiritual.

To spare us, the Lord may allow a Joseph’s Pit experience.  It is confusing, but not without purpose.  Joseph was thrown into a pit by his brethren, sold into captivity, wrongfully accused and imprisoned in a foreign land. Yet, these tragedies become his march to freedom.  When the process was finished for Joseph, he was not a leader of his own nation, but of his enemy’s.

We may resist change and struggle against the harsh experiences in our life, but God does have a great purpose.  As young men and women we may see that the Lord wishes to use us to preach the Gospel.  We envision massive crowds coming to our church to hear us speak the truths of the King.  Yet, He could be preparing us to rule in the camp of the enemy as a light in the darkness.