Street Shepherds

Wounded Christian leaders that contact us feel there is little chance of resolution for their situation with their church group. Often they are desperate. We believe that church leadership may not know what to do and may even turn away from the wounded leader

As we work with these leaders, some are unwilling or unable to return to service in the institutional church.  What do we do?  Insist that they get over it?  We made a different choice.  We encourage them to become “Street Shepherds”.

Street Shepherds are people who are “Called” by God to present His message to lost and hurting souls. They may or may not be connected to a local church. Their ministry is focused primarily to the lost in our society – they are shepherds on the streets.

Out of the pool of injured pastors that have been ministered to within the last year, a number have become “Street Shepherds”.   Some recent examples are:

  • One pastor embraced the Street Shepherd concept by becoming a neighborhood pastor. People who would never go to church have gathered around their ministry.
  • Another pastor was led of God to start a ministry to the prostitutes in their city. He and his wife have opened their lives to winning these young ladies to the Lord and are seeing magnificent results.
  • Another man chose to become a chaplain to a corporation while working in the marketplace.
  • Some are turning their homes into churches to gather, worship, fellowship, and study God’s Word together.

The Street Shepherd is on a journey.  It is one of following the Lord and daily knowing Him better.   Unplugged from the known forms, a new adventure of serving Christ begins. It demands loyalty, honesty and faithfulness to Him – a new reliance on your personal God.